4Ú – For You Bistrot in Pera di Fassa

A gourmet experience in Fassa Valley

4U – For You Bistrot in Pera di Fassa is born by the will of offering an innovative gourmet experience. In a brand new plac, the 4U Bistrot is a restaurant with an elegant space where you can taste the most wanted meals that the Chef prepare everyday. The menu à la carte was created by combining the tastes of Ladin tradition and by revisiting them in gourmet key.

In the kitchen are used esclusively primary sources of high quality, KM0 products coming from the territory of Fassa Valley. Combine every meals to one of the wines of our cellar, of wine-growing companies chosen with precision and tied to the restaurant proposal.

With only 40 places to sit, the Bistrot is the perfect place for a romantic dinner or to celebrate an important event. Optimal to organise company dinners, celebrate events or just for a happy evening with your family or friends.

Before tasting the meals of the menu of For You Bistrot, drink a glass of wine or a good cocktail in the renewed bar. In a cosy space, the cocktail bar offers you tasty appetizers to start you evening in a good way.

4U – For You Bistrot is thought for the clients of the hotel that desire a privè proposal and it’s also a restaurant opened to everyone who want to try a new gourmet experience in Fassa Valley.

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